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"Joan Weiner Levin, joined the religious comedy scene in Jerusalem after already having made a name for herself in the states"

Presenting Comedy Religiously, Jewish Women Take The Stage    - The Jerusalem Post  July, 2019


"Clad in a modestly long flowing skirt, Weiner could be mistaken for a typical Orthodox Jewish mother. Then she grabs the mike and starts her bit."

Joan Weiner: Changing Perceptions One Laugh At A Time -


"What does Joan Weiner Levin really believe? We don’t know, but it’s funny." 

7 Hysterical Orthodox Women Comedians You Should Know -The Forward  April, 2019


“In her routine about life as an Orthodox homemaker, as wife and mother and general observer of Jewish life, Weiner casts day-to-day life in an off-beat perspective.”

Joan Weiner: A Rare Woman's Voice - Jewish Action, 2013


David Kilimnick 
Off The Wall Comedy Club

"Along with her keen understanding of the world, Joan brings her love for Jewish living to the stage. One of the few comics out there that is always ready with great one-liners, along with her exquisite delivery, I am proud to say we regularly share the stage and laughs at the Off The Wall Comedy Theater. For many years to come, she is one of the great Jewish headliners."


Hani Skutch
Comedy Headliner

Hani thinks I'm funny. She'll give me a quote sometime to say so


Jerry Kahn
The Big Mockers

"Joan is a very funny comedian who tells stories about her life as a married, Orthodox Jewish woman. She is one of the few comics who can perform from that perspective and give a full, solid show. "

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